Saff Onlee

[Translation: Staff Only.] So reads the sign on the door to the boys’ room. Part of an elaborate scheme involving Santa Claus, elves, reindeer (I think), and the requisite naughty and nice lists. Perusing those lists, it seems a greater honor to have made the naughties. Go figure.

After a visit to the cemetery on Memorial Day, it was priests and monks. Though G was disappointed he couldn’t climb the mound with the stonehengian-cross-monument at its peak (as is his custom), the sight of a Roman Catholic priest observing a Memorial Day service inspired them. Of course, they Both wanted to be a priest, but we only have one black robe. In an attempt to avert a great disturbance in the Force, I exploited G’s love of holy bread and announced that he should be the monk (we have a brown Jedi robe) who passes out the bread after communion (which plays into a favorite book of theirs—The Holy Monks of Mount Athos—in which the monks make the bread, which plays into the upcoming event of our good friend M-A teaching us all how to make prosphora). Yes, sometimes a mama must play All her cards at once. Upon arriving home, they quickly bedecked themselves just in time to parade before one of their favorite babysitters (We’d like to give a shout-out here for Kelsey-K!). The ever-versatile plastic skull chalice proved itself, once again, indispensable. I tore up some white bread, and the boys were serving the Eucharist in no time.

priest frontpriest back

This past weekend, we acquired an additional black robe, which I doubt G will ever get his hands on. I suspect this is okay with G, because the original black is a silky long Gryffindor number. The new black is a particularly fetching/versatile piece that J got his hands on Saturday when we spent the morning walking our neighborhood garage sales. Calvin Klein. Yep. CK. Though J does not know it was originally intended as a lingerie cover-up, he seems to instinctively understand its purpose:

Then there’s this: “Guess who I’m being?! Han Solo in carbonate!” Not exactly sure how that’s possible, but we’ll roll with it.

voldie swings 2
[A version of Voldemort (inside the turban of Professor Quirrell) swinging Indiana Jones style.]