Spring “break” photo notes

Okay, so I dread spring break a little bit. Maybe more than a little bit.

But we made plans, and we had adventures. It was cold most of the time, so this involved a fair amount of scheduling on my part. Me being a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of girl [which is just a cover for my true identity: homebody], I always expect planning to be painful, but it wasn’t. The shooting neck and back pain on account of me thinking I could jump with the boys at the trampoline park is another matter entirely.

Bullet points:

  •  Gave SkyMax a go. Intended goal accomplished: exhaustion. Unintended consequence: I couldn’t move without pain for about four days and G’s cold turned into an ear infection, resulting in a burst ear drum. Per usual, J emerged unscathed and ready for more.
  • Perry Sippo Lake library (coolest fish tank ever!), science center (Taxidermied bobcats and bears! Puppets!), trek around the lake (G moaning and whining all the way (hadn’t figured out the ear thing yet)!
  • Kelsey babysits! Jon Lincoln babysits! Jeff Pethybridge reads The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School!
  • Playdate with friends in Suffield. Multiple rounds of war games planned and executed. Legos constructed, deconstructed, and envied (G’s pockets turned out before our departure).
  • Surprise visit to J’s old Montessori school for recess with friends.
  • This week’s characters of choice: scary Heath Ledger Joker, Indiana Jones, Cat in the Hat.

That’s all I got. And pictures. Of course pictures.

At the museum:
mountain lion j
puppet j
puppet g
boys and bear
mountain lion 2
In the woods ’round the lake:
pensive g in woods
tunnel boys
tunnel run
joker j
j the joker rubber gloves
cat in the hat


4 thoughts on “Spring “break” photo notes

  1. I love the Perry Sippo Library. I took John there when I was preggers and he was a baby. It was during that weirdly warm winter… Good day for a walk around the Lake…What a notion after this year’s beast of a season. Anyway, glad all went well… Or sort of, at least. I hope you get some Quiet soon!

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