Cemetery remix

Sunday we took a snowy walk. Bet you can’t guess where?

white tomb red boots

Name of the day: Ona S. Elzer.

ona s elzer

Though Roy McCoy comes in a close second.

roy mccoy

When I told the boys he was a baby and that he only lived three weeks,
J exclaimed, “Good thing Gabriel’s still alive!”

g graveyard jog

In Ohio, you sometimes have to take the sun wherever you can get it. This is our sunset stone.

sunset tombstone

We (I) did a lot of math because Jonah wanted to know how old each person was when they died,
which required much scraping away of snow:

hands on grave

Any age over fifty warranted the exclamation, “That’s a long time!”

j surveys graves

We had a good discussion about rebar, too.

rebar cross

rebar cross back

As G’s imaginary friend is named Car Grass, we were excited to discover a distant relation:

car grass distant relation

I really don’t tell him to pose.

g with iron cross

boys graveyard bench

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