“I’m just waiting. Every minute I’m getting stronger.”  Jonah Caedmon Estesjonah on beam
The things that come offhandedly down the chute from Jonah’s brain and out his mouth can be words to live by. The phrase above was uttered after he had shimmied up the side of the swing set in the hope of getting “up high” so that he could scoot over to the deck that houses the slide. It turned out to be a little higher than he thought and a little farther to go with no branches to catch-stop a fall.

I’ve had a similar (enforced) experience this past weekend. After a draining work week (yard work, book work, cook work, boy work), my body said no more and laid me nearly flat for two days. I have the capacity to physically push myself with a singleminded determination when a task before me need be done. Make that tasks. A simple stop—a series of simple stops—along the way may have prevented my physical demise, but I’m grateful for it all the same. I seem to work in a cycle of resets, and I don’t mind so much. Doesn’t mean I don’t need to break more often for a certain enforced leisure (which quickly shifts to real leisure), but accepting the way I move through the world seems the best first step to take.
pod racer cool down
(Pod racer after his bath time cool down.)

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