Photo entry

As my detox continues and I attempt to stabilize a recent rash of gastronomical (read intestinal) upset, I have discovered the intense pleasure that can be had in drinking medicinal strength peppermint tea, lightly sweetened with raw honey. Dark roast yerba mate and an espresso-strength dandelion blend also bring their pleasures, but nothing quite like coffee. It’s nice to move about the world without that internal jitter, but waking up is hard to do.

However, my morning slogginess does lend itself to a particular kind of sleepy observation. I stared an inordinately long time at the top of my almond milk box (gave up dairy too) before pouring it on my cereal and read far more into their package instructions than I’m sure they intended: “Give it a good shake; separation is natural.”

Though it tends toward that particular strain of kitschy fortune cookie advice, this directive seems applicable to life in general, and relationships in particular. I’m not going too deep here. Like I said, I’m sloggy.

But speaking of the word too, I must share a funny interaction with J this morning.

ME: That is too much! (Can’t remember what I was referring to.)

JONAH: That doesn’t make any sense. Two isn’t much!

I hear my neighbor’s ladder squeak as he prepares to spend the day painting his house. And I best be getting on with what I have intended to do here. With summer sun and lovely days, I find myself farther from my computer. I’m doing less writing, which is okay, though I know my person misses a more regular routine of words. Images, on the other hand, have been collecting on my phone, so I will share them in a short kind of photo essay covering our last few weeks. What I saw, where we’ve been. A softer-edged view of the world I live in. Can’t help it. I love filters.chewy, with skull
One of many in a recurring theme. Doesn’t Chewie look dashing next to my prized cow skull?

darth magician  saber walk
Catching on to the theme? Meet Darth Bat-Magician, proprietor of all manner of Dark Arts.
They even battle when we walk, which gives me the chance to work on my bob and weave.

mary ann's tractor   tractor with garlic
Our friend Mary-Ann has the most photogenic tractor around (the kid’s not bad either).
I love the garlic drying in the background.

garlic   birth
Another shot of that magical garlic.
A cicada Jonah found this morning on his swinging tree, drying its fresh wings in the sun.

up the hill down the hill   pee break
Our friend M-A’s backyard. Jonah could have played “up-the-hill-down-the-hill” all day long.
G taking a pee break. He’s quite liberated. I see this view more than I’d care to mention.

jump  bow make
I call the first photo “Leap”. The day really was that blue.
Our best Jon Lincoln fashioning an arrow for J (John fashioned the bow). Along with the light saber interest-bordering-on-obsession, the boys have been loving Brave’s wild heroine, Merida.

minion   don't let the pigeon
Minion found on Sophie’s dog bed. The sort of deranged I feel sometimes after a day with the boys.
Don’t let the pigeon drink the currant liqueur! (M-A steeps a mean, sweet-tart of a summer drink.)

saber town
Our light saber collection, at present (not counting figurine- or Lego-sabers). Thanks to Matt and June Phelps, the Girls, Jonah, and John for their creative contributions.

lego guys
As they are. It took five tries in three different locations (during which time G smashed my toe and in the process knocked the whole lot down), but at least Gabriel let me take a picture of his works-in-process before destroying them (what usually happens). Note the Potter-Jango-Fett, Mr. Bones-Trooper, Harry Potter Knight, Yoda-Farmer, Faceless Spaceman, and Hedwig-Potter-Goes-Black-Tie.

trash truck wait   getting along
When they get along it’s swell, when they don’t it’s ______. Okay. I’m being dramatic, but it’s a wonder how the pendulum swings from one moment to the next. Brothers!


2 thoughts on “Photo entry

    • It was all through my iPhone. I took the picture in a dimly lit room at night, so it started off slightly grainy. I like to use an app called BeFunky (I hate the name but find it incredibly useful). It allowed me to add some fill light to make the skull and Chewie image stand out more. I then used a filter called Old Photo. The app allows you to adjust how much filter you want to use. There you have it.

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