Cousins, Part 2

We are done in. And strangely filled up.

Our second set of cousins just set off for their return to Kansas. Jonah was edgy and in tears. It took an hour to get him in a place where he would consent to lunch. Having had to share his toys (which mostly amounted to not sharing his toys unless coerced with the timer on the stove), Gabriel grabbed the iPad and headed for the blue-grey couch. Haven’t heard a peep in almost an hour.

Before they left, we took a (freezing cold) farewell swim in the hotel swimming pool. Thankfully, I can feel my big toes again, and the tingling in my fingers has ceased. On the way down from my sister’s room, I almost lost G. A woman in the elevator yelled down the  hall, “I have one of your children here!” I was the caboose at the end of the luggage train, unable to pass, afraid to yell, and thankful again for the kindness of strangers.

Over the course of the few days Beth and her family visited (husband Brandon, Charlotte [6], Isaiah [3], and Silas [14 months]), Charlotte was several times called Jonah’s sister. They are good friends. Jonah explained the intricacies of Star Wars as they held hands and watched Revenge of the Sith on the aforementioned blue-grey couch. They held a corn snake and a ball python together at Malone’s zoology headquarters (thanks to Brandon for being the extrovert he is and making it happen). G and Isaiah didn’t really hit it off until we were saying our hotel farewell. They started playing elevator in the mirrored hotel closet with sliding doors. With no turf to defend, they found their groove. I’m all for neutral territory.

A General Two-Day Recap:

Muggswigsz smoothies were enjoyed after a short run through the downtown fountains. Parsley gin juleps, lavender brownies, popsicles aplenty, and numerous tofu dishes were consumed (just doing my part to educate my burgeoning Buerge veg-heads). Pipes smoked. Silas said “Yo-da”—clear as day. Charlotte researched hermit crabs, inspired by her Maine encounter and touching/cooking/eating her first lobster. Isaiah turned our garden hose into Niagra (O Canada!). The girls had a morning out—much to my delight. We did Starbucks, discovered that hermit crabs eat poop and lose limbs, visited the pet store (C nearly pocketed a tiny “I’m Crabby!” fish tank accessory), tried on clothes for each other at Gap  (Charlotte acquired an inspired French tee in kelly green, Beth a poppin’ bright retro sleeveless shirtwaist), and touched but did not tempt ourselves by looking too closely at the pricetags of JCrew sale rack dresses, tanks, and pencil pants. It rained, and rained some more, with intervals of sunny mugginess.

The Texas Single Malt Whiskey I bought John for his birthday (March 16) arrived today. I may just be a convert, but I’m going to have to learn to handle my liquor better. The gin I enjoyed last night (cocktailed with my Celexa and a taste of Brandon’s Chartruese) still has me feeling fuzzy in the head. I want more coffee, or maybe just a nap. I should go for the former, considering I hear the boys full of it in the next room over.

The latest downpour having past, we ought to pack up and go the library way. I want to read. I want an iced cappuccino. I want the watermelon in my fridge to cut itself up into perfect pink chunks I can eat while I read. I want to spend the rest of the afternoon meditating on Philip Gröning’s Into Great Silence. But G just informed me it’s stopped raining, that it’s a beautiful day, and we better go out. Library here we come. Happy Summer!

hello iguana 2ball snake  isaiah in the blue roomcorn snakeC & G  hello iguanafountain ballhello iguana 3girls do starbucks color  vader nap


One thought on “Cousins, Part 2

  1. What fun! Your lavender brownies made me again thankful for the discovery of a lavender bush in our front yard. Yet another gift left by our kind friends and current landlords. Amazing the little things that brighten a day! Love and prayers to the Jantz-Estes clan!! I wish this rainy summer could have shared a little of its precipitation with last year’s drought. Then maybe we’d all break even…

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