Happy Mother’s Day

[Translation: Dear Mom, You are the best because I love you.]mothers day

(Don’t ask me what’s going on with that picture.)

Truer words were never spoken Jonah Caedmon. I am the best me because you love me. Your loving me has changed me for the better in more ways than I know to say. Thank you.

In other news: John returns Wednesday.

In other other news: I lost Gabriel today. I mean, lost him to the extent of needing to call the police. He wasn’t really lost, just hiding out in the car and not answering my repeated, increasingly frantic cries. A neighbor finally found him while I was checking inside One More Time. She saw his head pop up in the back window.

He was sad all morning missing his daddy. And cold (I had just started mowing the side yard). And once he got in the car he couldn’t get out because of the backseat child locks (he doesn’t know to climb in the front seat and use those doors).

But he is fine. I have not emotionally recovered yet, but I sobbed on the shoulders of two lovely and kind women I hardly/don’t know at all, and I will recover too. On we go. Me and my boys, which aren’t mine at all but because I am so grateful to have them with me as sound as they can be, I’ll say it’s so.

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Wow, what a harrowing story. My heart rate is still elevated.

    I still remember the day my brother (at the age of 4?) decided to wander off across the hay field. He claimed he was never lost.

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