It is after 10 a.m. I have walked Jonah to school and back again. I am curled up on the playroom couch, wrapped around my laptop (grateful for my workhorse of a MacBook Pro, dreading the day it reaches the end of it’s proverbial line). I am still wearing my sunglasses. I hear the porch screen door swing open with a creak and a bang. So much for Pooh keeping G busy. He is (literally) throwing his Tonka dump truck, roller, and front loader into the prodigious hole he has dug in the herb garden where the basil grew two years ago. How did we go all of last summer without basil? I am certain that hole has made the haven below our deck accessible to all sorts of creatures I’d rather not think about inhabiting the haven below our deck. Namely skunks.

Now that the scene is set. I told myself yesterday Not to overdo it. I had the best intentions. I knew that a full, manual day’s work following a Pascha night of three hours sleep would likely do me in. I just don’t take my body’s limits seriously. Mentally, I make a note. Physically I push through like the mule I am. G and I ran errands in Akron until one. I then mowed and weed whacked all three yards, working past six.

G is now naked from the waist down, all his bits swingin’ in the breeze, tossing dirt over his shoulder with his little green shovel. Damn. The dogs got out. I am still ensconced on the couch. Maybe Lucy jumping the wall will move me to action.

I am doing my best to embrace this state of stubborn refusal to do anything that is not of the most urgent need. I am enjoying watching my wild creatures wander the yard, exploring in relative freedom. Sophie tips her nose to the sky to catch a whiff of something in the wind. G dashes back inside to poop. Slams the door and shouts “Privacy!” when he hears me in the next room. I don’t see Lucy. Time to move.

[Postscript: It’s the next morning. I’m occupying the same place on the couch, exhaustion having progressed into a full blown head cold. I did decently well not doing much yesterday until Jonah got home. That hole G dug in the garden is now filled with giant rocks John got for a steal on Craigslist last summer. And yes, I carried every one but one myself. John leaves for Italy today. Here’s to the hope of quiet-ish, healing days ahead.]

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