This week’s liner notes

You know what’s great?

—Playing the “I’ll time you” game with Jonah and getting all of my freshly laundered and folded clothes put away without leaving my perch on the couch.

The Good Bean Chili Lime Roasted Chickpeas

—Garbage Dump (until I have to clean it up)

garbage dump

—Paging leisurely, though intently, through Amanda Brooks’ I ❤ Your Style. Yeah, the title’s kind of terrible, but the book is like Vogue, only better. No ads, lots of vintage photographs. The sort of welcome pleasure that makes a head cold not quite so miserable.

—Ignoring Gabriel’s I-didn’t-get-what-I -wanted scream for almost five minutes (Jonah wouldn’t let him see inside his treasure box). Okay, listening to the scream wasn’t all that great, but when I finally snuck up the stairs, finding J and G calmly negotiating viewing rights was.
Jonah: “My brain didn’t want me to let him see, but I decided to.” Gabriel: “You are my friend.”

brother love 3

—Hearing Gabriel say, “Hmmm. That’s kind of strange,” in response to everything he finds on the basement floor.

—Spring break hikes in the woods.

tree root climb

—Fast acting lactase tablets when you’ve eaten three too many butter rich o-my-gosh-these-can’t-be-gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. (The trick is not using any fussy, refined floor—just ground oats, almonds and hazelnuts. The recipe doesn’t call for salt, but add a scant teaspoon. It balances the flavors perfectly.)

—Listening to the boys watch Robocar Poli, a South Korean cartoon about rescue team vehicles, in Korean.

—Listening to Gabriel watch infomercials for All-Trucks-All-the-Time videos on YouTube. Okay, not really. And yes, I should be scolded for letting my three-year-old surf YouTube.

—John’s buffalo nickel belt buckle.

buffalo buckle


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