Week of Christmas

“Hey Mom! Gabriel and I are becoming friends! We’re getting along!”

Ah, the magic of Christmas. They are playing garbage dump in the basement. G would play garbage dump any day, any time—J, not so much. But he’s in the mood this morning (blizzards tend to put him in a more amiable mood), and I love to hear their back-and-forth. You know things are going well when J agrees to watch Garbage Monsters at lunchtime.

And it snows. And it snows. Jonah’s almost as excited about it as Christmas. He played outside alone for an hour while the wind blew thick snow in swirls around him. At least an inch in that hour. Maybe more. After our first snow a week or so ago, he ran inside to say, “Part of my snow is half of my breakfast!”

There’s a peace about the week between Christmas and New Year’s—a built in buffer zone that can serve as an amiable transition into the slowing cold and the sometimes stir-crazies a certain lot of kinetic boys (and their need-fresh-air-to-survive mother) are prone toward.

Know what I’m happy about? A stack of Christmas cards set for the mail tomorrow (last year I was still sending them out come March). The snow. Gaba’s new silver excavator necklace (you heard me right—John’s a master at finding treasures on the world wide web). Jonah’s rubber chicken that squeezes out a disgusting sack of milky white fluid and a yellow ball that’s meant to look like a yolk. A babysitter tomorrow morning. Parsley Gin Julep cocktails. Gluten free dark ale ice cream floats. Chili truffles. Pocket knives. The book, That’s DisgustingJonah’s penchant for morphing from Jacob Marley to The Ghost of Things Yet to Come (he calls him “The Pointing Spirit” or the Ghost of Christmas Future) to Sirius Black. My stack of nearly one hundred vintage Kansas postcards. The iPhone 5, in white. Jonah’s new dissect-a-brain kit, even if it is defective and came with two left temporal lobes (best quote of the day: “I love my brain! Even if it’s broke!”). This post by Maureen Dowd, which was actually written by a priest friend of hers. The PBS mystery series, Foyle’s War (catch it on Netflix). Randomly saying to Jonah, “Christ is Born!”, and watching him search his brain for the response, “Glorify Him!” Gumby. Pokey. The Blockheads. Watching G watch Gumby: The Movie (also on Netflix). Discovering that the Blockheads names are “G” and “J”. Really.

Did I say my Christmas cards are ready to go out?

Blockheads danceblockheads freak


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