Need, Want, Need

What I want to be doing this morning is making a family Christmas card and washing the boys’ sheets (I know, weird, but it means staying home and only being concerned with moving things around and paying attention to buzzers—not to mention my kids are heavy droolers).

And it’s raining. Grey, drizzling, dripping rain. Set in, dark sky rain, as though the sun still isn’t sure if it got around to rising this morning.

What I need to do is run an errand to Kent (Ohio) and do some grocery shopping. O, and the dogs are out of food. And who’s to say that’s not what I really do need, after all, to take care of these necessary tasks. Wants are sticky, tricky things.

Take yesterday. Sure, I might have thought I’d prefer to stay home all afternoon (Sundays are usually the only days such a thing is possible), but then I would have missed this:

j before the stagepirouette

More on that later…


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