I’ve been compiling this post in my head for months now. It’s comprised simply of things I’ve come upon that have struck me as worthy of praise. None of the photographs are staged, though a few have been filtered or sharpened because heck, an iPhone may be convenient, but it’s a mediocre camera at best.

Yes, that’s my son in the drier. He’s also the one who was found trying to cut an apple with a butter knife (and making some progress!). J and I discovered the mantis on the side of a building covered by mirrored windows. I almost ran over that beautiful Eastern Screech with my mower (John and Jonah later drove him to a wildlife rescue center some thirty miles away). The steamy road was witnessed by G and I early one cold morning, shortly after a crew had laid the asphalt and flattened it with a steam roller (something of a dream come true for Gaba). The crow died in our yard, just like that.

[Copyright notes: the best picture of the bunch is the owl, which was shot by John with a Sony NEX-5; Jonah took the picture of the stained glass at St. Nicholas in Mogadore, using the CamWow app.]



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