Gaba says VOTE!

What do you mean you didn’t vote?

G made his preferences very clear at our polling place — “Gaba vote Rock Obama!” — even when the kind people at the registration table gently, and not very convincingly, chided, “Now, we’re not supposed to talk about those sorts of things here.” But you could see the gleam in their eyes.

I must say, it’s a lot more empowering to get to vote in a state like Ohio than, well, Kansas. You feel like it matters a little more. Though it’s all about how you do the math, all how you look at it. Slate ran an article on which states have the most power per voter, and in that paradigm, Ohio ranks 47th or something. Kansas is a strong 19. Vermont comes in at #2 and Wyoming brings it home at #1.

So it matters, no matter where you are. For all of the negative campaigning and the complicated nature of our democracy, it’s good to stand for something. Take Jonah: he’s casting his vote for George Washington this year. On the way to school today, we got to talk about what it means to vote for your library and vote for your city and county parks.

When it was all said and done (I got to vote electronically for the first time ever), G was pretty put out because he didn’t actually get to vote. Not for himself. Being held in daddy’s arms while daddy voted (“iPad!” he proclaimed as John tapped the screen here and there) didn’t cut it. So get on out there, and make Gaba proud!

[Postscript: I wish I had a recording of G saying “Mitt Romney.” It’s hilarious to hear a 2-year-old say “Mitt Romney.” Heck, it sometimes cracks me up when I say it.]


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