Staying Put

“What can be seen from my window, what can be reached on foot within a day’s walk of my house, may seem tame enough: no surf breaks on rocky shores, no mountains gleam with snow, no bears prowl. It is a settled region, marked everywhere by human presence. But for all our buildings and lights and roads, for all our signs and words, that human presence is only a thin film stretched over mystery. Let sunlight flame in a blade of grass, let night come on, let thunder roar and tornado whirl, let the earth quake, let muscles twitch, let mind curl about the least pebble or blossom or bird, and the true wildness of this place, of all places, reveals itself.”  —Scott Russell SandersStaying Put

Scott Russell Sanders will be presenting the inaugural reading for the William Stafford Lecture Series at Malone University in Canton, OH, October 9-10.

[For information email John Estes:]


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