A Day

It was the kind of day when you drop your favorite oddball silver sugar spoon you like to stir your coffee with down the drain and get a little over-eager with the garbage disposal, so that if you actually tried to use the spoon (after heating it up so that you could bend it back into some kind of discernible spoon-like shape), your lips would end up a bloody mess. Not that mine did. Because I left the spoon bent in half on the windowsill by the kitchen sink. A reminder for Patience. Or at the very least, a sign that reads Slow Down.

Which is just to say, it was a day when stuff happens, like stuff inevitably happens when you live and give it what you have and then some so that all you can do is collapse on the couch when the kids are in bed. And after collapsing and letting yourself sink into the Regionals episode of Glee (where have all the good songs gone?) while your husband sleeps peacefully beside you after his own day of days, you come to the conclusion that yeah, it’s worth it. Let’s get up and do it tomorrow.


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