Jo-Jo Jo-Jo, Little Star

I’m not sure it can be helped. There are just certain stars, with their own gravitational pull, round which we orbit. There’s our sun, of course. And then there’s Jonah.

A friend today was asking me about Jonah’s strengths. I get all fumbly when people ask me this question. It’s hard to answer. Not because Jonah doesn’t have strengths—though we too often spend more time talking/dealing with his weaknesses. It’s more that what makes Jonah exceptional is not particularly quantifiable.

Words like “bright” and “magical” come to mind. He’s not a savant, unless you think about personality in terms of sheer force. Because the kid’s got personality coming out of his charmingly shaped elven ears.

J’s certainly one of the worlds ’round which Gabriel loves to turn, and I’m thankful, because a day may come when Gabriel would like a brother who’s a little more “normal,” as they say. But for now, J hangs the moon and the sun and the whole dang solar system.

In order to get G to take a nap after lunch, we usually talk about what’s going to happen after naps, which is fetching Jonah from school. Gabriel waits all day for this moment. Our conversation goes something like…

Me: So we’re going to take naps, and when you wake up, it will be time to…
Gabriel: Get Jo-Jo!

Today after our little dialogue, Gabriel started humming “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” but instead of his usual Pooh-like hum, he substituted the word “Jo-Jo.” Go ahead, sing it to yourself:

“Jo-Jo Jo-Jo Jo-Jo Jo / Jo-Jo Jo-Jo Jo-Jo Jo.” Kinda catchy, eh? As Jonah likes to say, “I’m not even making it up!”


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