Introducing: Mr. Soapy

Cousin: Mrs. Jims
Sex: Um, half boy, half girl. Split right down the middle.
Jonah said it, so it must be so.

Doesn’t he/she sound like an interesting chap/young lady? I also learned that he/she spent a good bit of time in the closet at school today before appearing at lunch. I also learned how the infamous Mrs. Jims gets herself clean:

“Mom, did you know? She sneaks into the [washing] machine when you’re doing the laundry! And she’s so small! She sneaks in your basket. And she leaves her clothes on and gets all washed up. She sneaks in your basket! And then she goes in the drier and gets hot and spins and spins! She’s so clever like that!”

In case you’re not up on Jonah’s new companions, you can read about Mrs. Jims HERE. They are invisible, but not pretend. “They are real!” This is a point of much emphasis. I’ve also learned that Mrs. Jims likes to hide in the bushes at school. That Mrs. Jims!

There was some anxiety tonight with both John and I being away at a lecture before bedtime. The boys were waiting for me with their sitter, and Jonah ran up to say, “But mom! You didn’t give me a hug and tell me goodbye!” Then much piling up on mommy with little boy endearments (Gabriel was generous with his rapturous chokehold of love, which involves G squeezing my neck with surprising strength as though he really is trying to make my breathing stop, accompanied by a rather manic expression and the word  “Mommeeeeee!” squealed to the rafters).

It’s good to be missed. That said, we should get out more and get them a little more accustomed to other people putting them to bed. Just every so often. I mean, Mrs. Jims and Mr. Soapy make their own little getaways. Why shouldn’t we?


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