Mrs. Jims

For the most part, I think Jonah-at-school tries really hard to learn the rules and attend to his work. But I do believe that Jonah-at-home is beginning to make his presence known in the classroom. I’ve been wondering how long Jonah-at-home would keep himself in check. Jonah-at-home has a good deal more freedom. We don’t ask him to control his body, per se, as long as the pounding and spinning and running he’s doing is safe to himself and others. We sometimes call this state “the crazies.”

Of course J’s intervention specialist gives him sensory breaks. They do jumping on a small trampoline and brushing. Sometimes she wheelbarrows him around. But I think, for the past year and a half, he’s been really into his work there, so multiple breaks aren’t usually necessary. I think maybe Jonah-at-school is getting a little bored.

On our walk home today I was introduced to Mrs. Jims, J’s new best (imaginary—though he insists she/he’s real) friend.

Jonah: Did you know Mrs. Jims is behind me? (He says with a glint in his eye and the corners of his mouth turning up just so.)

Me: Uh, Mrs. Jims?

Jonah: Yeah, she’s the one making me crazy. (He had been walking dangerously close to the curb on a busy street, flailing about.)

Me: Don’t blame Mrs. Jims. You’re in charge of your own body.

Jonah: No really! She pushed me.

(Didn’t really want to get in a shouting match here so I rerouted…)

Me: So I’m a little confused. Is Mrs. Jims a boy or a girl?

Jonah: I told you! She’s a boy.

Glad we got that cleared up. Jonah’s never really had much use for the segregation of the sexes. I got a little more info about Mrs. Jims from J’s intervention specialist. She has curly hair, is really small, and he met her in the bush at school. She is 10-years-old and never washes her clothes.

Later, J ran ahead (Mrs. Jims right there behind him, no doubt) up the hill. He’s really good about stopping at the curb. We cross together. Sometimes he just drops and lays like dead on the sidewalk, waiting for G and me to catch up. Today the neighborhood postman looked a little worried. He crossed over and smiled. “You all right?” he asked. Before Jonah could respond, Gabriel started going on about his sheep (wish I had a recording here—it’s something like a cross between “cheep” and “jeep”). Jonah quickly inserted himself into the conversation, interpreting for Gabriel and educating the kind mind on the wonders of Shaun the Sheep.

On a totally unrelated note, we found G in John’s office this morning. Not such a strange occurrence, as the word “no” has NO effect on him. But he’d picked up a prop, and I just couldn’t Not take a picture. (Note: not unlike sheep, this word comes out more along the lines of “peep”.)


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