At 4:11 this afternoon, little G woke up from his nap. I was delighted. At the very same time (okay, it was actually 3:11 because we’re in the Eastern Time zone now) two years ago Gabriel Keats made his first entrance. He was a little oozier then, and he cried for a spell. And yes, instead of baking a cake previous to his entrance I was repeatedly yelling “Holy Shit!”—until I remembered that there was a teenage mother laboring the next room over who was certainly scared shitless so I changed my mantra to “O God!” (a better prayer anyway)…

We survived church intact, and that’s about all I’ll say about that. G took a nice long nap. J was thrilled to be invited over to the girls house to play. The great thing about two-year-olds is you can keep putting off present opening (if the presents aren’t in plain view) because they’ll inevitably forget they get to open them anyway. We ate dinner and cake and then ripped through his short stack of gifts in no time. Gabriel’s a good appreciator. After each gift he’d pause and consider it, completely delighted (yes, delight is the word-o-the-day). And there were enough toys for everyone to have a good play before bed.

Jonah was really terrific about G’s day. Generous and cooperative. (Almost) as excited as G was and not demanding. His behavior clarified something for me that is difficult to parse at times. Because of J’s tendency to overfocus and his innocent assumption that everything really is about him most all of the time, I question if the behavior is the autism talking or just my kid being a brat. 80, maybe 90% of the time, I think it’s the autism, because Jonah can have an incredibly generous heart. Today he understood was Gabriel’s day. And he helped make it great. Of course, by the end of the evening he’d had enough and couldn’t help but allow himself a bit of drama. Enjoy the show!



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