100 Brothers

On the way home from school yesterday, Jonah asked, “Why don’t I have 100 brothers?” I reminded him that sometimes he doesn’t even want the brother he’s got, to which he responded, “Yes I Do!”—and then launched into questions about baby making.

“Can we make a baby when we get home?” Umm, that’s something only daddy and I can do honey.

“How do you make a baby anyway?” Why don’t you ask your daddy tonight.

“If you and daddy make one tonight, will it be finished in the morning?” I remind him that a baby has to live in mommy’s tummy for nine months before it can come out. I ask him if he wants a boy baby or a girl baby. Definitely a brother. I tell him you get what you get, and there’s really no choosing. He’s okay with that.

“The boy will be named Trampoline Tree,” he declares. To which I add Estes. What if it’s a girl J?

“Umm…the girl will be called, umm…Banana.” What’s her middle name, I ask. “Banana Caw. Not like caci (his word for poop, pronounced caw-key). Like the black birds that fly in the sky.”

So, Trampoline Tree and Banana Caw. We’re all set. Only, I’ve got all, and more than, I can handle. You’re probably going to have to wait for your own kiddos J, if you’re serious about this baby thing.

I like it when he gets chatty like that. With J, you can never force a conversation. If he doesn’t feel like talking, you’ll know—every question is met with an annoyed, “I don’t know.” But when he’s in the mood, it can be delightful. All the way through supper, he was a regular Chatty Patty. He even bestowed his Japanese fish necklace on me (a pink string strung with paper fish). Why is it a Japanese fish necklace? I asked. “Because I made it. Because the people in Japanese wear fish around their necks.”

Well, I guess that settles it.


One thought on “100 Brothers

  1. If John asked me about baby making…I’d say, “The stork brings ’em and he ain’t comin around for a while!” Haha…just kidding. I loved this entry. Laughed out loud. If ever there is a Trampoline or a Banana, I would rejoice.

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