Christmas 2011

“O (one second pause), my gosh.” –Jonah Caedmon

That pretty much sums it up. Just when I think Christmas has finally lost its magic, as I’m wondering Christmas Eve if the fuss is more trouble than it’s worth, Christmas day dawns and the magic’s still there. Because of the boys and their glee. Because people are shouting throughout the liturgy “Christ is Born! Glorify Him!”, without self-consciousness, for the pure joy of it. Even when the elderly woman next to us hissed at Jonah (who had accidentally, or not, pulled the kneeling bench down on her foot), “What’s the matter with you?!” Okay, that one took a little time to get over, but we managed.

Jonah did remarkably well, all things considered. The kid had to wait until one o’clock to open his presents for crying out loud. By the end of present unwrapping, G definitely had the hang of it and was ripping them up left and right (whether they were his to open or not). Best moment of the day: when Jonah opened his sphinx/mummy/sarcophagus toy. “O, my gosh. I can hardly believe it! Did you know this was just what I wanted?!” G’s guitar was his big hit. Also the tool belt. And George. Click on the links above for video, and click HERE to see the sphinx under missile attack.

A short picture show follows. (Beware the last photo if you’re squeamish about squishy/grotesque zombie toys. It’s Jonah’s Christmas tree ornament for the year and is currently lodged between a couple of branches.) I had to doctor up the photos because the quality ain’t so good. But the day sure was.


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