O Brother

Overheard while trying to muster the desire to get out of bed: “But I don’t want that baby here! Why do you want that baby anyway?”

John’s reply: “Because we wanted you to have a brother. Because we made him and we love him.”

Two days later: “I want that baby, but it hurts!”

Jonah’s definitely sorting through the whole what to do with a younger brother thing. Gabriel’s just starting to get interesting…and capable of thwarting J’s best laid plans. Overall, they’re doing remarkably well. G thinks Jonah hung the moon. He brings him prize “gucks” and wants him to play “dirt.” Sometimes Jonah will shut his bedroom door and announce that he and G want “to do our Own thing.” We’re all for it; and as long as we don’t hear shrieks of anger or pain from either party, we consider it a blessed event.

The trouble comes when Gabriel doesn’t do whatever “game” Jonah has in his head at the time. His games are random and really nothing like what you would normally consider a game. They usually consist of some kind of jumping/rolling/crashing maneuver.

As it turns out, J is demonstrating himself to be quite the dancer—as in ballet or modern. I suspect him of being a natural at the pirouette; I imagine his grand jeté could be sublime. The trouble is finding a teacher and a class that won’t be complete frustration for everyone involved. Personal discipline isn’t exactly one of Jonah’s strengths. The pictures I conjure of him attempting to participate in a proper dance class with a proper teacher, well, they tend to dissolve before I can actually see what happens. But I know it’s possible, somehow. Jonah has this amazing unselfconsciousness that is simply beautiful to behold. Leaping and rolling and bounding come so naturally to him. He Loved the ballet production of Peter and the Wolf (click the link to see our favorite animated version) his kindergarten class attended. We may try to catch the Nutcracker tomorrow.

If ballet doesn’t work out, maybe parkour.


One thought on “O Brother

  1. I love you. I sort of miss you because in some strange way you remain near and so I miss you less because of the Spirit of it all. But in the physical, touch you sort of way, I am starving and would very much love to see your face. I would like to hear your voice and smell your smell and would love to tell you all the things I fear and end it with a nostalgic nod toward the light of the blue tv.

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