How to be the Sun

Jonah wanted to be the sun today. Okay, Jonah actually wanted to be the sun Sunday, but I’m just getting around to announcing this important fact. Because the world can always use a second sun.

If you’re wondering Why the sun, why Sunday?—well, to borrow Jonah’s parlance:

“And for one,” he had just watched the Charlie and Lola “There is only one sun, and that is me!” episode in which Lola pretty much demands to be the sun in the school play. She makes her own costume to convince her teacher that she “must absolutely be the sun,” but disappointingly is assigned the part of leaf. But that’s another story.

“And for one,” it seems only perfectly logical to be the sun when the day requires rain suits and wellies:

All day grey rain. But also geese. We finally found a window where the sky abated its torrents in favor of a misty fog so that we and the pups could stretch our legs a little.

But back to J’s suit. Wishing I had taken a photo here, but it went something like this: neon yellow Spongebob Squarepants pajama bottoms and cherry red zip-up fleece shirt under the brightest, largest orange t-shirt (given to him by his godfather Joshua) advertising some sort of Indian beer, complete with supremely cool logo sporting elephants. O yes, and the white leather and elastic dance shoes we keep around as slippers (they’re all the kid will wear, if that, even in the dead of a northeastern Ohio winter).

And in the spirit of his innate sunniness, when not obscured by meltdown fronts moving through, I shall conclude with a few recent Jonahisms, culled from our gathering stash. (Note: I make a point not to overuse the exclamation point. What follows is a grammatical representation of Jonah, king of the exclamatory.)

My brain is warm, but my body is cold!


Jennifer:  I think I’m losing it. I’m just losing it.
Jonah:  Sure you’re not losing it mom. What happens if you lose it?


When I am patient I will be a man.


Mom, sometimes you’re not even wrong!


Jonah:  O yeah, baby!
Jennifer:  Who says that?
Jonah:  I say it. And sometimes God says it to me.



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