Stormy Weather

Thunderstorms formed a great long line extending from eastern Indiana all the way up through Lake Erie and Canada this afternoon and evening. Might be the Kansas girl in me, but you could practically smell them coming. After picking up Jonah from school, my mom informed us that we were under a tornado watch before considering how this might effect Jonah’s sometimes tendencies toward anxiety. When he latched onto the idea of tornadoes (formed chiefly from The Wizard of Oz), she tried to back track, saying tornadoes only came in the summer and spring. This was of no concern to him. He just wanted to know, in his interested/interesting way, what he was supposed to do in a tornado, where the tornado was going to take him, and how he was going to get back home. Overlooking the fact that if a tornado “took” him, he’d probably be mangled and/or dead, we told him to find a fireman/policeman/adult to help. He accepted this information graciously enough but kept probing. We hadn’t really answered his question. So we talked about going to the basement to stay safe. He seemed to take a mental note but pressed on. “But where is it going to take me?” I couldn’t get the picture of J at the top of some forlorn tree, barren landscape surrounding him, with no way down out of my head. “I don’t want to go to Oz. I want to go to Adechent Egypt.” Ah, here we are. Tornado as time machine. Or at least expedient travel. The speed of sound can really get you places.

Maybe it was all that electricity in the air that made this such a haywire day. Newly bought hand mirror to replace travel-broken hand mirror is broken within an hour of purchase. Stains on the couch. Tar on the carpet. G takes a three hour nap (okay, that makes sense because he’s been sleeping like shite with his nighttime ramblings and all). Babysitter cancels one hour before we’re supposed to go out for dinner with my parents. Replacement babysitter found ten minutes before we leave for said (Mexican-delicious) dinner. And did I mention we think my dad has shingles? And did I say the margaritas were delicious?

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