Ignore the floor

It’s trip week at the Jantz-Estes manor. John and Jonah head for Kansas via Indiana and Missouri, reading poems along the way. Gabriel and I will fly and stay longer. It’s hard not to freak a little. Getting us all out the door is never easy. Besides the obvious laundry and packing, there’s a house/dog sitter to train, John’s mid-term grading to complete, the car to ready, a GILLIAN WELCH CONCERT TO ATTEND (this is a real hardship), boxes of books and clothes to load, house keys to make, multiple chargers to locate, three yards-full of leaves to rake, a catalog to finish. Do I have quart-sized ziplocks for the plane? Will we be seated by someone who despises children? How many episodes of Bob the Builder can I purchase for $10? How long will my iPhone battery last?

These are all good problems to have, mind you. Both John and I have jobs we find fulfilling. Two irreplaceable and spirited boys. Loyal and gentle, if intensely eager hounds. A beautiful home. Enough money (most of the time) to pay the bills. To quote the gritty sentimentalist Coach Taylor of Friday Night Lights: “This is not a burden. It’s a privilege.” Or something like that.

Still…there’s the floor.

Living with three boys and two ever-shedding dogs requires a good deal of vacuuming. Today I am trying to practice a mindful forgetting. It goes something like this:

Ugh, I need to vacuum the living room floor.
I am going for a walk. It is beautiful and Not raining. My guts will thank me.

Ugh, I need to vacuum the bathroom floor.
I am taking G to the hardware store to play with drills (okay, and to get an extra house key).

Ugh, I need to vacuum the kitchen.
Catalog. Laundry. Dishes. Not necessarily in that order.

I wish I could apply my so-very-Zen-ness to leaf raking. It does seem that God made north eastern Ohio to satisfy his love of Trees. And then he let the wind blow.


One thought on “Ignore the floor

  1. We haven’t talked in so long but I’m looking forward to your trip to Kansas. The leaves are falling here but alas, the very hot dry summer has produced dried up brown leaves…..

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